Alexa Ginsburg

Alexa grew up in a family of artists in New York City. She took art lessons at MoMA when she was in elementary school, won a scholarship to Saturday classes at Pratt in Junior High and graduated from Cooper Union with a BFA.

Living in the Middle East led her to work with traditional dyers and weavers to produce a line of cotton hand loomed garments. It was an inspiring introduction to the world of fiber.
Feltmaking combines her love of color, design and handwork. She studied with many nationally and internationally known felt makers including Sharon Costello, Gladys Paulus, and Polly Stirling who developed Nuno Felt, a technique which combines wool, silk and other fibers to create felt with flexibility, texture and versatility.

From her studio in Gardiner in the Mid Hudson Valley, Alexa creates elegant nuno felted scarves, garments, and accessories as well as whimsical felted animals.

Textiles | Scarves | Fabrics | Dolls | Felt