Bentley Potter

I’m one of many who are proud to call the Hudson Valley home. Whether you grew up in the Hudson Valley, live here now or vacation here, the area elicits a sense of warmth and comfort that is felt across the globe and offers an endless breadth of welcoming faces. The Hudson Valley’s iconic beauty is intended to be captured and preserved for generations to enjoy. From its rich history of mountainous ice age formations to early settlements along the Hudson, serene images are discovered at every turn and in every season.

The area is blessed with deep roots, timeless beauty and American history that is rarely discovered elsewhere and our local architecture has a unique way of transporting you back in time. Much in the same way you would find landscape paintings and hand drawings hanging in your grandparent and great grandparents homes, my photographs are intended to be cherished in your home for generations ahead. I invite you to explore the Hudson Valley through a combination of my lens and your experiences to perfectly say, welcome home.