Carol Pepper-Cooper

Although I always knew I was drawn to art, I have spent almost as much time running away from it as running toward it, especially in my early years. Instead of going to art school I went to Radcliffe College from which I received a degree in English in 1961. Only after two more years away did I return to my native city to attend New York's Pratt Institute and receive an MFA in drawing and painting.

In 1971, while still in Brooklyn, I established the Art Department of St. Ann's Lower School. Almost immediately afterwards though, I left the art world and became a Dean at Kirkland College. That period ended in 1974 when I moved with my family to the Hudson Valley where I still live. Here I became active in the arts starting with a solo exhibition in Millbrook followed by designing sets for three local theater companies. But my other side led me to tutor psychology in Ulster Co. Community College while co-ordinating the college's free tutoring service. I made sure however that I was a member of all the local art associations, all of which have given me awards and citations. Over the years my work has been included in various juried regional, national and even international exhibitions. One of the honors which particularly pleased me was the Arts Society of Kingston naming me Distinguished Artist of 2014, a title which came with a solo show in ASK’s Main Gallery. In 2015 the Doghouse Gallery in Saugerties gave me a 60 year Retrospective which filled its three rooms with 66 works created over the greater part of my life. Also that year the Woodstock Artists Association gave me the Towbin award for "art work of exceptional merit in our region." This was followed in 2017 by ASK presenting me with the ASKAR award for "outstanding local talent." I don't know if I shall ever win another award, but I do know that I want to continue making my meditations on what it feels like for me to flow in and out of dreams, all created with the aim of drawing the viewer into the mystery of what is felt---but unseen.