Harris Diamant

Harris Diamant is a native New Yorker who was a pioneering, prominent dealer in American folk art in the 1960s. By the 1980s, he devoted himself to full time art making. Completely self-taught, he utilizes a variety of techniques...wood carving, brazing, lathe-turning, gold leafing… in his sculptures, drawings and paintings.

Recently, Diamant changed his focus to painting. "Motivated by a desire to bring something new and fresh into my work, painting has proven to be challenging, energizing and gratifying”. Light and sight has been a consistent motif in his work, along with an affinity for symbols and optometric apparatuses calling attention to sight - and insight - in more than just the physical or literal sense. Introspection, self-knowledge, and glimpses into metaphysical and spiritual realms all fuel Diamant's working process.

"My decision to concentrate on heads is motivated by the awareness that they embody both subject and object... They contain a universe."