Heidi Spadter

Karhu Moon came about through connections. My Native American and Finnish background created the name itself; Karhu meaning "bear" in Finnish and the concept of spirit animals being Native. With the bear as my totem and the moon as my guide, I connected my two sides and Karhu Moon was born.

I have been a metalsmith/jeweler for over twenty years. It was my love of jewelry that started my journey at Arizona State University in the Fine Arts Metals program.

From there, I studied under and worked with the amazing Sharon Seggi of Studio S in Tempe, AZ. Her mentoring was invaluable and I miss her every day.

My work is primarily sterling silver and semi precious stones. I do everything by hand, including finishing the pieces I have cast. My work is informed in large part by the people and landscape around me. Whether swirling rivers and eddies, magnificent forests, or the beauty and character of the people I encounter, my work is personal, eclectic, and largely one of a kind.