John Franklin

John Franklin is a wood turner from Kingston, NY. He is a member of the KWA - a local wood turners' group in Hurley, New York, a member of the Northeast Woodworkers Association, and the American Woodturner’s Association. John has been turning competitively for about 20 years and in that time, he has won more than 20 ribbons for woodturning at the annual NWA Woodworkers Showcase – Totally Turning held each year in Saratoga NY. This is John's 9th year at Fall for Art. John chooses mostly local hardwoods for his artwork. His motto is, “started by nature, finished by hand.” John is constantly searching for the most unique wood that nature has to offer. Then he turns it into a shape and applies a superior protective finish to enhance the wood and allow it to be appreciated for many years to come.