Lesley Reich

As a high school senior I visited my sister at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and threw my first pot. I took ceramics at Duglass College and was hooked. After graduation in 1971, I moved to Ann Arbor and bought my first wheel. I showed my pottery at the Ann Arbor Free Art Fair, made $100 and knew I'd found my life's work.

My early pots were stoneware. In the 1980's, I switched to porcelain with jewel tone glazes. In 1999, a friend encouraged me to write on my pottery. Having a degree in journalism, I knew the power of words. A few friend and wedding sayings written on my pieces became a complete line of bowls, vases, and vessels. Hand lettered sayings about family, friends, chocolate, wine, love and wisdom embraced my philosophy of life. Behind each purchase is a unique story. I enjoy creating custom pieces in any language that become functional heirlooms.