Sally Rothchild

Originally from Minnesota, Sally Rothchild is a ceramicist who works from her studio in Mount Tremper, at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. She has spun on the potter’s wheel for 40 years, and characterizes her work as influenced by a traditional Japanese pottery aesthetic aiming for rich, quiet beauty and strength. After attending Bennington College studying Ceramics, Sally moved to NYC where she co-founded and ran Mugi Pottery studio in the upper west side. At Mugi, she taught classes and sold her work while exhibiting pieces at local and national exhibitions and craft shows. In 1997 she moved to Mount Tremper with her family where she built her own studio and custom gas-fire kiln. Here, inspired by the beautiful Catskill Mountains, she continues to work at her craft—teaching classes, selling work in local stores, and at high-end craft shows. She strives to produce functional, and esthetically pleasing pottery.