Congratulations on being accepted as an artist for our 2021 Fall for Art Virtual Art Show and Sale! Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2021.

Below you will find links to our 2 part process to submit the artwork you plan to make available for sale, but we do ask that you take a few minutes to read over our instructions.

Your Bio and optional Artist video will be included on your very own Artist Profile page, so we strongly encourage each artist submit a short video of 1-2 minutes or less. Accepted video formats are mpg, mp4, mov, avi, wmv, and qt. This is included on Form 1.

All artists are required to submit at least 12 works of art for this show, and these must all be included on Form 1. An additional 13 items may be included on Form 2 if you so choose totaling no more than 25.

We ask and urge each artist to limit their photo submission to one picture per item. We understand, however, that some artwork requires multiple angles to fully represent the piece. We have made an allowance for up to 2 pictures per artwork, but please keep in mind that each artist is limited to a total of 35 images to represent all of their items for sale.

The initial 5 works you submitted for consideration during our Call for Entry will not be included as part of this submission. If you wish to include those works in your Gallery you MUST resubmit them with the requisite information.

Each image must be at least 800 pixels wide and/or tall for best presentation. They needn't be "high resolution", but should be large enough to show detail and appeal to shoppers.

Click HERE for some helpful tips on how best to photograph your artwork with your smartphone.

Click HERE to read some tips for online art sales compiled with assistance from local artist John Franklin.

Form 1 contains all of the artist information and information on the 12 pieces of work that each artist is required to submit for our show. You can save your work and return to this form at any time, but we strongly suggest that you complete and submit Form 1 before continuing to Form 2.

Form 2 contains entries for an additional 13 items that are encouraged but entirely optional. Once again you can save your work at any time and return to the form.

Forms do not autosave and once a form is submitted it cannot be retrieved.

Please keep in mind that the 35 image limit applies to works of art that span both forms.

Time to get started with Form 1 (Required items 1-12)

More work to submit? Great! Move on to Form 2 (Optional items 13-25)

Please be patient once you submit your forms. Depending on the size of your images and video it may take several minutes to process your submission and receive confirmation.