Leslie Bender  – Kingston,  NY

Amaryllis Blossoms


A fresh, beautiful, heart red blossom to inspire joyous thoughts all year around!


  • Watercolor on paper
  • 14″ X 17″


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Balloon Man


This painting is the epitome of “Magical Realism”, but in truth it is really mystical realism. There are many cosmic truths hidden in this mysterious artwork. Also available as a giclee.


  • Acrylic, oil and pastel on paper
  • Matted in frame with beautiful black and gold border
  • Frame size is 29 x 24″
  • 24″ x 18″


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Bard Student Orchestra


These two sister pieces were painted on the spot as the Bard Student Orchestra practiced. They are framed as a beautifully matching set. Please see options below. If you purchase both paintings, use coupon code BENDERBARD during checkout to receive the matched pair for $750.


  • Oil on board
  • Framed in a black beveled edge frame
  • Bard Orchestra 1: 13.5″ X 33″
  • Bard Orchestra 2: 12″ X 33″


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Beached Boat, Provincetown


A lovely, simple little painting, expressing the hot summer heat in a time gone by in Provincetown, Cape Cod.


  • Oil on board
  • Simple wood frame
  • 16″ X 20″


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Bennington Barns


This painting was painted in an Impressionist, Van Gogh style of the old musical building on the Bennington College campus.


  • Oil on canvas
  • Framed with simple wooden slats
  • 30″ X 36″


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Boats Along the Rondout, Kingston


This beautiful watercolor, done en plain air, will bring back those lush summer days along the Rondout. Boat owner, here’s a nice summer memory to last you through winter!


  • Watercolor and charcoal pencil on paper
  • 12″ X 18″


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Remember the old Bolla wine bottles? My mother used to hang them in clusters from the basement ceiling. She couldn’t throw them out.


  • Oil on board
  • 11.5″ X 14″


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Brooklyn Heights Art Fair


This street fair was held on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. You can see the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges in the distance, beyond crowds looking at the artwork. Created in a jaunty, impressionist style, it captures the shimmery life of Brooklyn in summertime.


  • Oil on canvas
  • Framed with simple brown stained wooden slats.
  • Also available as a giclee print
  • 24″ X 18″


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Chickadee in Winter Branches


This sweet little serigraph captures the snowiness of winter.


  • Serigraph, (silkscreen on paper)
  • Matted
  • 11″ X 7″


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Cool Waters


This lyrical painting describes the sublime Spiritual aspect of our existence. As the female figure is bathed in primordial light, the darknesses of her soul are loosened, sinking in decay to the bottom of the forest pool.


  • 36 x 16″ Oil on canvas, framed with dark wood slatting.
  • Giclees are archival inks on archival acid free paper or canvas. (Other size giclees available).
  • Stretched on wooden stretchers also available for an additional cost


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Kaatsbaan Horses Theater Backdrop Giclee


This giclee is a print of the theater backdrop that hangs at the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center in Tivoli, NY. It was created for a pas de deux for two dancers. The actual backdrop is 25 feet wide. Giclees can be printed on canvas or paper, stretched or not, in any size up to 6 feet across; price corresponds to the size and substrate~canvas or paper.


  • Printed on archival paper or canvas
  • Canvas can be stretched on wooden stretcher bars for additional cost


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Kent Fields with Two Cypress Trees


This simple lyrical piece conveys an open spaciousness of the rolling hills of western Connecticut.


  • Oil on canvas
  • Dark brown wooden slats frame
  • 12″ X 16″


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Knud’s Circus


A drypoint is an etching done without dipping it into acid. A sharp metal tool is used to incise lines into a softer metal plate. This print was then hand colored with watercolor.


  • Hand colored drypoint on paper, 11.5″ X 9″
  • Frame with mat and glass; 20″ X 16″


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Lilies by the Graveyard, Provincetown


This painted reflects the beautiful, bright Provincetown, Cape Cod sunlight, which has a color cast almost like Van Gogh’s Holland. It adds good vibrations to any intimate corner of your home.


  • Oil on board
  • Framed with light wooden slats
  • 20″ X 16″


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Lupine Flowers Watercolor in Ornate Frame


This delicate watercolor of lupine flowers is beautifully matted and framed in a gold and black. Available unframed or matted and framed.


  • Watercolor and ink on paper, 9″ X 12″
  • Matted and framed old-fashioned 18″ X 15″


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Millbrook Moos


This en plein air painting was done in the farmland surrounding Millbrook, NY. Also available as a giclee print.


  • Oil on canvas, 18″ X 24″
  • Framed with dark brown wooden slats
  • Giclee print, 24″ X18″, 36″ X 28″


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Moriello Pool Series #3


This painting captures the refreshing coolness of swimming in Moriello Pool, a little gem in New Paltz, NY.


  • Oil on canvas,12″ X 16″
  • In black recessed frame, 17.5″ X 11.5″


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Moriello Pool Series #4


These little gem paintings are of the New Paltz gem, Moriello Pool! Painted just this summer!


  • Oil on canvas
  • Framed with dark wood slats
  • 9″ X 12″


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Railroad Trestle Across the Rondout, Kingston NY


I hiked through the woods surrounding the Rondout village area, past a church graveyard and up an incline to capture this view. It was painted on the spot, en plain air.


  • Oil paint on canvas
  • Framed with a dark brown wooden slat frame
  • 16″ X 25″


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This almost abstract, graphic image was created with a touche emulsion applied with a brush, to a silk screen, which was then coated with LePage Glue. Once the touche was washed out with turpentine, the silkscreen was ready for printing.


  • Serigraph (silkscreen on paper)
  • image size is 9″ X 18″ – including signature, signed lower right, numbered lower left, and titled in the center


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