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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun



I know that many are repulsed by spiders. But there are many different types of spiders, and while some are venomous, others are benign. And while some are hairy and scary looking, others are not. And while some construct run of the mill webs, others construct marvels of architecture.

I ran across a photo of a red/orange spider with black eyes and toenails, who was very ladylike, elegant and refined: a Jackie Kennedy of spiders –quite frankly charming, and to my mind quite pretty.

I wanted to honor her, and those others who inhabit an unknown world. This is is the painting that came.

I imagine her going out with the ladies for tea, or preparing for a night on the town with her beau.

Here is a quote from one of my poems: “The consciousness of a spider is wider than its web.”


  • Limited edition 9″ x 12″ print
  • Hand signed and numbered by the artist
  • Total edition size 25


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